December 16, 2022

"I just got done and had a blast! Everyone was super chill and the jet skis were awesome. Over all 100% worth every penny. The prices are great for the time"
December 9, 2022

"Wife and I were heading to Pops Sunset grill for lunch, noticed an ad on the marina wall, and, after figuring out the walkway to their dock, took a gander. 20 minutes later, Johnny, the owner, is pulling a boat around for us. We spent about 4 hours boating, up to Siesta Key and back. Very interesting watching the different style bridges flip around or open up,, for the larger boats.. At Siesta key, we tied off at The Boatyard Bar "
November 27, 2022

"Awesome location! I took the new key west out to snake island for a half day it was great. Everything was close by and the staff was very helpful."
November 23, 2022

"Had a great time! An absolute blast, will be back very soon!!!"
October 26, 2022

Jet Ski

"GREAT experience. Very friendly and professional and highly recommend them for any rental"