Experience Florida’s Wildlife During One of Our Sunset Tours

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Florida is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. We know this well, having years of experience chartering sunset boat and jet ski tours in Venice, FL, where we have seen, again and again, the awe-inspiring displays of nature and her creatures.

If you’re in Venice or planning to visit, you can’t possibly appreciate our city or state fully without getting out into nature, onto the water and seeing our abundant wildlife. Sign up for one of our sunset tours! We’re also one of the premier establishments for boat and jet ski rentals in Venice, FL, so we have plenty of options if you’d rather set out to explore on your own.

Some of the wildlife you can see on a sunset tour

  • Turtles: Watch giant sea turtles––loggerheads and leatherbacks––swim and feed as the sun sets overhead. They really are amazing creatures, enormous and gentle. They might travel up to 10,000 miles in any given year, but they return year after year to the place they were born. So the turtles you see on one of our sunset tours are natives of these waters, as were all their ancestors. Unfortunately, the giant turtles are considered a “threatened” species, as their numbers have been declining for years, largely due to human interference. We take extra care on our tours to watch but not interfere with the turtles. They’re an irreplaceable part of our natural heritage. When you see them for yourself, you will understand why we’re so serious about doing our part to protect them.
  • Manatees: Like the giant turtle, the manatee is also considered a threatened species, though it seems to be making something of a comeback. You’d be hard pressed to find a gentler creature. It spends its days eating grass from the seafloor, which is why, as you may know, it is also known as a sea cow. It is not uncommon to see a mother manatee slowly grazing with her baby. Experiencing this firsthand, it’s easy to understand why Florida has long made it a statewide cause to protect these creatures. Watching with your own child as the manatee dotes on and watches over its offspring is not something you’re likely to forget.
  • Dolphins: You probably don’t need any convincing that dolphins are cool. Humans have long been fascinated with the creatures, perhaps because they are, like us, smart and social animals that form friendships, speak to each other and look out for one another. They’re remarkably gentle with humans, and with most other animals that aren’t their normal food. And when you spot them, they’re usually in pods, which can make a sighting more exciting. When’s the last time you saw dolphins playing together? Our tour guides see it all the time. Imagine that, if you will.

Cool Breeze Boats and Jet Ski Rentals offers the best sunset boat and jet ski tours in Venice, FL, along with high-quality rental options. Our experienced tour guides know the local area. They know the best places to watch wildlife, how to ensure its protection and can answer any questions you have. This is why our tours aren’t just fun—they’re legendary. If you want to get away, give us a call to set up your sunset tour today.

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