Things To Do in Nokomis, Florida

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Located on the western coast of Florida, Nokomis, Florida, is a beautiful gulf-side town with a lot to offer. It’s a small town and everything you would come to expect from small-town America located in the south of Florida. This town has a population of just over three thousand but offers hours of endless entertainment and enjoyment. When you are looking for things to do in Nokomis, you’ll want to know where to get jet skis in Nokomis, where to eat, and where to dance the days and nights away. We’ve got all that covered here. When planning your list of things to do in Nokomis, put these on your itinerary:

Dancing and Swimming and Jet Skis, Oh My!

The first thing you want to learn in this beautiful gulf-side town is where to get jet skis in Nokomis. In Nokomis, Florida, you want to start at Nokomis Beach, the oldest beach in Sarasota County. This beach is not your everyday Florida beach and brings the small-town vibe to this beach so that you get a little bit of both worlds.

In Nokomis Beach, you can rent jet skis, step aboard a breeze boat, go parasailing or snorkeling, or just lay out listening to all-day drumming and dancing if you come on the right nights. Wednesday and Saturday nights through the sunset are drumming and dancing evenings where bongos play while you enjoy the last of the day’s rays.

Find the Best Seafood in Nakomis at Pop’s Sunset Grill

Pop’s Sunset Grill is located just across from the beach and will give you a beautiful view of the water while you enjoy your meals. This is an old town favorite with 30 years of experience bringing seafood to tourists and locals alike. This is a laid-back establishment where you can enjoy eating in or out, complete with a tiki bar and gift store.

You don’t have to get seafood here. Burgers and sandwiches for the allergic or the meat lovers are here too.

Catch an Art Gallery for Free

Whether you like art or not, the Cottage Art Gallery in Nokomis is a quaint little buffet of extraordinary photography, paintings, and crafts that anybody can appreciate. This is an outdoor, tented gallery that brings small-town energy into your shopping for the day. You don’t have to be an artist or even appreciate the artistry; if you like to shop, you will find something unique for your home or jewelry box.

And, if you are an artist, you can sign up for classes and learn a few things before you head out of Nokomis back to your own small town.

Find Things To Do in Nokomis

When you are looking for things to do in Nokomis, put Nokomis Beach on your list of places where to get jet skis in Nokomis and where to begin your adventure in the Florida sun. Add a seafood restaurant and an artisan gallery to your list of things to do, and you will have a complete itinerary for your day or days of Florida fun.




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