Boating Safety Tips for Bad Weather

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It’s always wise to postpone your boating plans if you hear that bad weather is coming your way. However, sometimes, it can’t be avoided, and you must think of quick moves to get yourself out of a serious circumstance. Here are some actionable tips for staying safe and not letting the weather get the best of you. 

Obey the weather.

The wise thing to do is to listen to the weather long before you take a boat out. Avoid all nasty situations like thunderstorms, hurricanes, and the like unless you absolutely have to go out in them. If not, you should simply wait until the storm passes and do whatever you need to do.  

Stay in the cabin during lightning.

The best type of boat to ride is one that has a cabin. If you’re in such a boat, it would be wise to spend your time inside that cabin until the thunderstorm is over. Drop your anchor and try to get as low as you can. Additionally, you must stay away from all metal surfaces because of the risk of shock. 

Drive at a right angle to water spouts.

Water spouts can be scary because they are essentially tornadoes on top of the water. Typically, you can see their vortex up in the clouds, and they are situations you won’t want to get involved in. Therefore, you must listen to the marine weather before thinking about going outside to ride in a boat.

If you hear about a tornado warning or watch, change your plans for another day. You’ll need to head toward a safe shelter if you get stuck in a water spout. If the tornado seems right by you, do your best to steer the boat at a right angle to it. 

Secure your boat in a harbor during a hurricane. 

Hearing news of a hurricane should prompt you to secure your boat in a harbor immediately. However, deciding the best harbor to park your boat can sometimes get a little complicated. It’s best to choose a place that isn’t as rocky as some other locations. Also, be sure to check around and ensure that your harbor can handle a 10-foot storm surge if it happens. 

Stay calm in rip currents. 

You might get stuck in a rip current, but the most important thing to do is to avoid panicking. Keep your boat parallel to the shore until the current situation resolves. If you get knocked out of the boat for some reason, your best bet is to swim along the shoreline until you see a rescue unit coming. 

Take the boating safety tips you just read and pay close attention to them. One of those tips could quite possibly keep you afloat during a difficult time. Remember not to do a boat rental in bad weather unless you have to, and always keep your life jacket on no matter what. Keeping up with the weather report short is your priority when thinking about boating. 

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