The Top 5 WaveRunner Tours in Florida

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Going on a jet ski tour or wave runner tour is an excellent way to get the most out of your next vacation. You could learn how to navigate a wave runner much better while seeing some of the most gorgeous sites in the area. These are some wave runner tours you might be interested in visiting in Florida:

Key West

Key West is many people’s fantasy land, and that’s why it made it to the top of the list of great places for jet ski tours. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the state for scenery and has the novelty of being at the southernmost point. Of course, you may want to consider doing your jet ski rental in another town. Key West is known to be a little pricey. 

St. John’s Jake

St. John’s Lake is a popular place to visit for a wave runner tour if you like narrow channels. The lake is near Deltona and is well-known as the U.S.’s longest north-flowing river. This option might be the best for you if you like popular spots and are a marine life fan. On your journey, you’re bound to run into some blue crabs, manta rays, and other exciting creatures. 

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach sounds delicious and sweet, doesn’t it? Well, it is, and you’ll probably have a fantastic time there. Cocoa Beach is one of the most popular hangout sites for tourists. The pier there is over 800 feet long and offers many activities to partake in. Aside from that, Cocoa Beach is a pretty beautiful place. In many spots, it looks like something right off of a postcard. 

Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is often many people’s choice because it can lead to so many other areas. A Waverunner patron can easily move to a new and interesting land and then explore the waves there. 

South Beach

South Beach is another popular area in Florida to visit for a wave runner or jet ski experience. It’s a great place to get a glimpse of some Dolphins if you’re interested in doing so. South Beach is also one of the best places to go for water sports safety. 

Tips for Jet Ski Tours

These are a few things to remember when you find a place where you want to go on a jet ski tour:

1. Wear a lifejacket

Don’t ever say no to your lifejacket. It could be the only thing that saves you in a challenging situation, so always say yes to wearing it. 

2. Don’t go too fast. 

Don’t speed on your wave runner or jet ski tour. There’s plenty of time for you to see the whole area, and you might miss something if you go too fast. Furthermore, you might place yourself in danger. Thus, it’s best to go reasonably slow. 

3. Avoid drinking. 

Please refrain from drinking alcohol within a few hours of going on a wave runner tour. Alcohol affects your judgment and can cause you to make a wrong move. Wait until you’re home and away from water to indulge in alcoholic drinks. 

Now you know a few of the best places to try wave running while touring the area. Book yourself a session or two sometime soon. 

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