Can You Rent a Jet Ski at Night?

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Jet ski rental is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy some time on the water. Jet skis are only fun, however, if you strictly follow the safety guidelines. Jet skis are not intended for nighttime driving. Most jet ski rentals will not allow you to rent a jet ski past a certain time of day in order to avoid night driving. Let’s look at some frequently asked questions concerning jet ski safety.

Do People Drive Jet Skis At Night?

You may have occasionally seen someone riding a jet ski at night. People indeed do this, but in most cases, they are doing so illegally on jet skis that have been altered to allow for night driving.

For the most part, the only jet skis that come equipped with proper lighting and equipment for night driving are those operated by search and rescue.

When Should Jet Skis Be Operated?

Most places require jet skis to be operated between sunrise and sunset. This is the optimal time to use this type of equipment because you will have the best visibility during these hours. In order to operate a jet ski safely, you need to be able to see very clearly for a certain amount of distance. Sunset Watercraft Rental rents out watercraft during the safest hours for operation. 

Will I Get Injured If I Drive At Night?

There are many reasons why it is risky to ride a jet ski at night. One of the biggest risks is that you cannot see well and also because you cannot be seen well. Both of these will put you at risk of injury. Other boaters depend on the signature “rooster tail” spray created by jet skis to let them know a jet ski is approaching. Without this visibility, a boat may not see you and may hit you.

Can I Drive A Jet Ski In Fog?

It is not recommended to ride a jet ski in the fog. You may want to have fog lights or flashers on board in case fog comes in while you are driving. Most rental locations will not rent out jet skis when there is heavy fog or other inclement weather conditions.

Bad Weather

As stated above, most rental locations will not rent out jet skis during bad weather. However, if it looks like bad weather is approaching, you should head to shore.

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