Skiing, Wakeboarding and Tubing Behind a Pontoon

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Pontoon boats offer no shortage of versatility but that does not mean that there are not still questions that have to be answered. “Can you wakeboard on a pontoon boat?” is a common one. There are also a variety of common queries when it comes to pontoon waterskiing. Fortunately, there is no watercraft that can match the well-rounded nature of the pontoon boat.

Whether the boat’s owner is looking for a leisurely cruise with friends or they are looking to do some fishing, the options are endless. Think of it as a floating sanctuary where anything is possible. Socialization, dining, swimming, all of these types of adventures are within reach with the help of a pontoon boat.

Yes, it is possible to wakeboard, water ski and tube behind one of these boats. That does not mean that every pontoon can be used for these purposes, though. There are certain things that a buyer needs to know before making a final decision. The following guide will go over the most important factors that must be taken into consideration.

Performance Packages

Of course, it should go without saying that any pontoon that is selected will be able to float just fine. It is the speed and handling performance that will determine its ability to glide across the water. The experts will recommend the Elliptical Sport Package or the Bennington Pontoons Sport Performance Plus Package. Why are these the best choices?

For starters, the SPS+ hulls is able to provide better handling and performance characteristics. These traits are quite similar to the ESP package while remaining lighter and more affordable. The SPS package has been designed for engines 200 HP and under, while SPS+ is used for the higher applications of HP. The same features are available in each package as well.

This includes 25″ diameter pontoons and lifting strakes on the center pontoon. Performance foils are located on the outer pontoons’ interiors, solid round keels are on hand and there is also an under deck wave shield for added protection. SeaStar hydraulic steering is a great added touch, too. On the other hand, the Elliptical Sport Package is designed to be more of a transformative experience.

Adding this package turns any pontoon boat into a superior vessel, with enhanced stability and water displacement. It is designed for higher horsepower applications and allows the pontoon to handle like a fiberglass sport boat. Like the aforementioned packages, it comes with 25″ diameter outer pontoons with performance foils.

The patented 32″ Elliptical center pontoon also has lifting strakes and an under deck wave shield. The center fuel tank upgrade and power assist steering option are recommended for boats with 200 HP or greater.

Speed and Horsepower

The pontoon that is selected will need to have the necessary speed and horsepower for water skiing or wakeboarding. This means that boats will need to reach a speed of 21 miles per hour, although 26-27 is recommended. For tubing, the pontoon only has to reach speeds of 16 miles per hour. As long as the pontoon boat has a minimum of 70 to 90 horsepower, tubing should be made simple.

As a rule of thumb, the horsepower will have to increase as the boater gets more adventurous with the water sports that they wish to try. 115 HP and up is recommended for those looking to handle all water skiing and tubing activities. 150 HP and up is recommended for anyone that wishes to do any wakeboarding, skiing and tubing without having to worry about the number of passengers on board.

Expert Recommendations

The following models are considered to be the best bets:

2020 23 SSBX w/115 HP

2020 23 SSBPX w/ 150HP

2020 25 SFBXP w/ 200HP

2020 25 RSFBA w/ 200HP

2020 23 RSBW w/ 200HP

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