Our First-Time Boat Rental Tips

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Looking for the perfect way to enjoy a summer day with your friends and family? Consider renting a boat and hitting the water.

If you’re renting a boat for the first time, follow the first-time boat rental tips below:

  • Bring sunscreen: While many boat rental companies provide all the supplies you’ll need, there are some things you should always pack, including sunscreen. Being exposed to UV rays for any amount of time can be harmful to one’s skin. Avoid nasty sunburns by applying a top-quality sunscreen before hitting the water. Remember to bring some sunscreen for anyone who has forgotten theirs.
  • Don’t bring too much or too little: While it’s important to pack all the supplies you’ll need for a day of boating, you don’t want to overpack either. Overpacking could lead to a cramped boat, making it hard to relax. Consult with your boat rental service, and ask what supplies they provide. Most boat rental services provide safety equipment, coolers and stereos. You’ll probably just want to bring sunscreen, extra food and drinks and towels.
  • Brush up on boat safety: When renting a boat for the first time, it’s most important to brush up on boat safety. Do some research online, and consider taking a local boat safety course. Your boat rental company can also provide safety tips for your first time on the water. Be sure to follow all boat safety regulations, and wear life jackets at all times.
  • Consider a boat with a captain: When renting a boat for the first time, it’s best to have a captain come along. Captains will be able to smoothly steer the boat around your local waterway, while you enjoy a fun time with friends and family. Working with a captain also ensures you’ll hit the best spots at your local waterway.
  • Pack the right attire: Even if you don’t plan on getting in the water, chances are you’ll get wet while on a boat. That’s why it’s best to wear clothes you won’t mind getting wet. You may even decide to get in the water when you see everyone having a great time, so it never hurts to pack a swimsuit. Just be sure to bring some extra clothes and towels.
  • Have a great time: Don’t spend your whole boating trip worrying about everyone else. Take some time to enjoy the nice weather and beautiful setting. Kick back, turn off your phone and enjoy a cool drink while watching the sunset.

Follow the tips for renting a boat for the first time mentioned above, and you’re sure to have a great time on the water. It’s also important to work with a boat rental company who will take care of all your needs.

At Cool Breeze Boats & Jet Ski Rentals, we offer top-quality boat rentals at fair prices. Our boats come equipped with everything you’ll need for a fun day on the water, including coolers, top-of-the-line stereo systems and GPS. Contact us today to book the perfect boat for your first-time rental.

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