Do I Want a Kayak with a Skeg or a Rudder?

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It’s a hot debate between kayakers whether it’s better to kayak with a skeg or rudder. It’s a good idea to consider both when looking at kayak rentals. Both are beneficial when it comes to paddle stroke corrections, though there are many differences between the two. For one, they look very different from one another. A rudder usually sticks off the stern of a kayak and can pivot from left to right. A skeg, on the other hand, is usually located beneath the kayak and doesn’t pivot.

Neither a skeg nor a rudder is a necessary component of a kayak rental, though they can help you steer better during certain weather conditions. Rudders are controlled with foot pedals and work to keep your kayak moving along a straight path. When using a skeg, the direction of your turn is determined by how much of the device is lowered into the water.

Read on to learn more about rudders and skegs.

Advantages of skegs

Skegs appear as a thin blade located below the kayak that lowers into the water when prompted. These devices are especially useful in windy conditions and offer less risk of collision damage. That said, it’s important to retract the skeg if you’re kayaking through shallow water. Many people also prefer skegs because you can’t see them. Their location at the bottom of your kayak makes everything look more uniform.

Disadvantages of skegs

As mentioned above, you should always retract the skeg when kayaking through shallow water. People sometimes forget to do this and end up damaging the skeg. Leaving your skeg lowered when bringing your rented kayak through shallow water could also leave you stuck.

Advantages of rudders

One of the biggest benefits of rudders is that they’re extremely easy to use. You simply need to press the left or right pedal, depending on which way you want to go. The ease of steering provided by rudders makes it much easier to paddle, thus, helping you save energy. That’s why most competitive kayakers have rudders on their boats. Having a rudder is especially helpful when you plan on kayaking a long distance.

Disadvantages of rudders

Rudders are a little less reliable than skegs, as they feature more moving parts. It’s also easy to damage a rudder by accidentally backing it into a dock or on land. That said, rudders can last a long time as long as you take proper care of yours.

Which one should I choose?

When looking at kayak rentals, you may have trouble deciding on a boat with a rudder or a skeg. As mentioned above, you don’t actually need either to kayak; however, many like these devices, as they make paddling easier, especially during high winds.

As you’ve seen, there are many benefits to both skegs and rudders. Just be sure to understand how these devices work before taking your kayak rental on the water.

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