How to Choose the Right Life Jacket

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It’s crucial to have life jackets whenever you’re out on the water in Venice, FL. But it’s also important that you make sure you have the right kind of life jacket, including one that properly fits.

There are many different types of life jackets, and the best kind will always be one that you are actually willing to wear. But there are some other characteristics you should consider as you search for the right life jacket. All life jackets must, for example, be the proper size for the intended user, be appropriate for the activity in which you will be participating, be in good, usable condition and be approved by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Here’s some more in-depth information that will help you as you select the right life jacket in Venice, FL:

  • Size and fit: Life jackets will have a label that indicates the chest size and weight for the user. Keep in mind that different body types will float differently in the water. Try on your life jacket while in the water to make sure it floats with you properly and doesn’t cut off your airways—a good fit should be secure, but still adjustable and comfortable.
  • Accessibility: Life jackets are required to be on board for every occupant of a vessel. While they’re not always required by law, they should be worn at all times when the vessel is out in use. Remember, the only time a life jacket can save your life is if you’re wearing it. Keep life jackets readily accessible, and be able to put yours on in a reasonable amount of time if an emergency situation arises. Never stow them away in a locked compartment, plastic bag or sealed-off area—they should be easy to grab as soon as they’re needed. Throwable life savers and other devices should also be readily available for use, and not hidden under piles of other gear or locked away. Make sure you select life jackets that are easy to store and keep out in the open.
  • Children: Federal law requires that all children under 13 years of age wear their life jackets, unless they are below deck or in an enclosed cabin. State laws can vary, though, so make sure you’re familiar with the legislation and requirements in your local area. Again, make sure you have appropriately-sized life jackets for your children.
  • Inflatable life jackets: In some cases, you may find inflatable life jackets more comfortable to wear. These types of life jackets require users to pay careful attention to the condition of the jacket, though, because inflatable versions must have a full cylinder and any existing status indicators should be green—otherwise, the device cannot be considered serviceable. Keep in mind that weak or non-swimmers should not use inflatable life jackets—these are designed to be used by people who already have a baseline comfort level with swimming.
  • Coast guard requirements: Make sure you follow all Coast Guard recommendations for life jackets. They should be used for water skiing and any towed activities, anytime you’re operating personal watercraft, while you’re whitewater boating or while sailboarding.

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