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Those who are new to the world of kayaking are easily overwhelmed by the sheer number of gadgets that accompany the sport. It’s hard to know the purpose of all this equipment, let alone what you’ll need the most. Below is a list of equipment that kayak rental centers in Venice, FL recommend for first-time kayakers.

Life jacket

Unlike most of the equipment on this list, life jackets are less of a recommendation and more of a necessity. In fact, the U.S. Coast Guard requires life jackets on kayaks regardless of whether or not people want to wear them. Kayakers with varying levels of swimming abilities should wear life jackets at all times, especially those who enjoy whitewater rapids. Life jackets help you float and insulate your core in frigid water.

First aid kit

Nobody plans to get injured on their kayaking trip. However, it’s best to play it on the safe side and have a first aid kit on board in case something goes awry. When you’re far off the coast of Venice, FL, you won’t have immediate access to healthcare services. Some medical equipment and basic knowledge of first aid will hold you over until help arrives.

Dry bags

Your possessions will become wet at some point, even if you’re kayaking on calm waters. The ocean can splash over the side of your kayak or drip from the paddle. Dry bags are designed to seal out moisture and protect your gear when water inevitably makes its way into your kayak.

Bilge pump

It’s perfectly normal for the inside of a kayak to get a little wet. The real problem is when waves crash over the kayak and leave you sitting in a pool of water. Bilge pumps are handheld devices that dispense a large quantity of standing water back into the ocean. Kayakers should ask for a bilge pump as part of their kayak rental in case they capsize or travel into whitewater rapids.

Scupper plugs

While bilge pumps remove water, scupper plugs stop it from entering your kayak in the first place. Self-bailing scupper holes are located in the kayak’s floor and automatically drain water back into the ocean. The downside is that scupper holes can let small amounts of water into the kayak, too. Many kayakers use scupper plugs so the floor remains dry.

Spray skirt

Combining scupper plugs with a spray skirt is the only way to prevent a single drop from entering your kayak. Spray skirts are compatible only with sit-inside kayaks because they create a watertight seal over the cockpit rim. Your kayak rental center in Venice, FL might recommend spray skirts if your party is traversing choppy waters.

There are plenty more kayaking gadgets to choose from. The best way to know which ones are must-haves is by consulting the experts at Cool Breeze Boats and Jet Ski Rentals. Our kayak rentals come with all the fundamental equipment you’ll need to begin your kayaking journey. Reach out to us today to learn more and schedule your rental!

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