What to Pack for Your Pontoon Boat Rental

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Pontoons are popular among those looking into boat rentals in Venice, FL. As the ultimate “party boats,” they carry up to 14 people and are suitable for fishing, water sports or merely socializing. You can expect a good time in a pontoon unless you fail to pack for the occasion. Here are six essential items to place on your pontoon packing list:

  • Sunblock: Sunburn is a constant menace in Florida, and it’s even worse on the water. Sun rays hit the water and reflect back on you at greater strength. Even people who do not usually sunburn may sustain one if they forget their sunscreen. Wear a hat to better protect your face and scalp and apply sunblock throughout the day, especially after swimming. Cloudy days will not spare you from this danger, so bring sunblock even if the forecast shows the sun hiding for most of the day.
  • Food: Nothing will ruin a day more quickly than starvation. There is plenty of room on a pontoon boat for a cooler or two, so fill them up! Pack for main meals and provide snacks throughout the day. Otherwise, you will either need to cut your day short or return to shore to eat. Neither option is appealing, so bring enough food to remain on the water.
  • Water: Do not get so enthusiastic about your collection of adult beverages that you forget to bring water! Take a few flats on the boat to ensure everyone stays hydrated. The enhanced sun rays that can cook your skin also make you feel dehydrated faster. If you plan to drink while cruising, alternate alcoholic beverages with water. Also, do not forget to bring a receptacle for empties.
  • Towels and extra clothes: If you plan on swimming or enjoying water sports, bring plenty of towels. Set up a system to hang wet towels to dry. For clothes, bring layers in case the temperature takes a sudden drop. If the forecast calls for rain, don’t forget a poncho or other rain gear. You will enjoy your pontoon day much more if you are prepared for any unexpected elements.
  • Music: The newest pontoon boats come with Bluetooth capabilities or USB plugs. These features allow you to play music right off of your devices. Purchase waterproof cases for phones and tablets, and don’t forget cables. You can play your own tunes or allow other attendees to share their musical tastes. It’s like a virtual DJ station!
  • Safety knowledge: A breach of safety protocol will ruin the day for everyone. If you bring alcohol, choose a boat operator who will not drink. Wear life jackets since currents are often more powerful than they seem. (You can buy lower-profile designs that are more aesthetically pleasing.) Follow any restrictions enforced by the marina. Some pontoons are not suitable for fishing, so do not break that rule. Have fun and stay safe!

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