Important Kayaking Tips for Beginners

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Kayaking is a great way to get out, enjoy nature and spend time with friends on the water, not to mention it provides you with some great exercise! If you’re considering taking up kayaking or reserving a kayak rental in Venice, FL, but don’t have a whole lot of experience, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research before you get started.

With this in mind, here are a few kayaking tips specifically for beginners.

Find the type of kayak best suited to your needs and comfort

There’s a variety of different types of kayaks, and your choice will come down to the kind of kayaking you’re looking to do, as well as your own personal preference. Here’s a quick look at some common examples:

  • Sit-on-top kayaks: These kayaks do not have an enclosed seat, which makes them easier to enter and exit than other types of kayaks. They’re generally more stable, which makes them better suited to newer kayakers who might be worried about tipping over.
  • Recreational kayaks: These kayaks have cockpit openings that are a little larger than other kayaks like touring kayaks, which are designed for longer trips. They’re shorter in length and good for calmer waters and easygoing adventures.
  • Touring kayaks: Mentioned above, these kayaks are longer than recreational kayaks, but have smaller cockpits. Their narrowness combined with their length make them idea for longer trips and more advanced riders.

Entering the kayak

Beginning kayakers often have difficulties getting into and out of their vessel. Generally speaking, you’ll want to get in from the shore. Bring the kayak as close to the shoreline as you can, then sit in (or on) the kayak and push yourself into the water with your arms until you’re afloat on the surface of the water. You won’t have to get out very far before you’ll be able to start paddling away.

If you’re getting in from a dock, lower the kayak off the dock onto the surface and keep the kayak parallel to the dock. Sit at the lowest point on the dock as close to the kayak as possible, lower your feet in first, then position your body toward the front and lower the rest of your body into the seat.


Finally, it’s important you understand basic paddling technique. You’ll need to build up some strength if you’re going to be doing longer kayaking excursions, but even if you’re a beginner, there are ways you can adjust your technique to avoid getting fatigued too quickly.

The biggest thing is to focus on getting paddle movements from the core rather than from the arms, and to maintain good posture. Avoid slouching, and sit up straight, which will prevent you from straining your back and shoulders. Hold the paddle at the center and keep the elbows at a 90-degree angle, with both hands equidistant to the ends of the paddle. Hold the paddle firmly with one hand, and use the other to rotate it. The hand closer to the water will push through the water, and the hand farther from the water rotates the paddle.

For more basic kayaking tips for beginners, or to schedule your kayak rental in Venice, FL, contact Cool Breeze Boats and Jet Ski Rentals today.

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