What Should I Bring Kayaking?

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Whether you’ve been kayaking for years or you’re getting out on the water for the very first time, it’s important to be prepared. If you’re unsure about what to bring with you, it’s useful to have a basic list of gear, clothing and other supplies to work with. Keep reading for some helpful tips to prepare you for fun during kayak rentals in Venice, FL.

Gear and supplies to bring kayaking

Here are the things you should bring the next time you rent a kayak in Venice, FL:

  • Fluids: A lot of people forget to stay hydrated while kayaking, but it’s very important. Bring a water bottle or sports drink to keep yourself hydrated on the water. Add some ice cubes before heading out to keep your beverage cool and help you stay refreshed while you’re kayaking.
  • Sunscreen: There’s nothing like a nasty sunburn to spoil your day. Even if it’s overcast when you decide to go kayaking, it’s still possible to get a sunburn. Put on plenty of sunscreen, especially on your face and arms, and bring some along with you to reapply throughout the day.
  • Bug spray: Protect yourself against bug bites by applying bug spray before heading out on your kayak. There are often lots of mosquitoes near the water that can leave you with several bites as you paddle around. Bring extra bug spray with you and apply throughout your kayaking trip to keep bites and aggravation to a minimum.
  • Water-friendly shoes: Wear shoes that can get wet to keep your feet protected and avoid damaging pairs of shoes that aren’t water-friendly. Avoid wearing flip-flops or flimsy sandals, since these shoes are likely to fall off. Instead, wear tennis shoes or water shoes that will stay securely on your feet and give you the best traction as you’re getting in and out of your kayak.
  • Comfortable clothes: Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move around in and able to get wet. It’s best to choose athletic clothing that’s designed to dry rapidly so you don’t get weighed down with soaking-wet clothing after you’re done kayaking.
  • Spare clothes and towels: It’s virtually impossible to stay completely dry during your kayak rental in Venice, FL. Bring a spare change of clothes and a towel with you and keep them in your car while you’re out on the water. After you’re done kayaking, change into your dry clothes to help you warm up and get comfortable.
  • Hat and sunglasses: Protect your face and eyes from the sunshine by wearing a hat and sunglasses on the water. An athletic cap or sunhat is best for kayaking, since it dries quickly and is designed to be comfortable.

Schedule kayak rentals in Venice, FL

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