We’re Still Open During the COVID-19 Pandemic—and We’re Disinfecting Watercraft Between Uses!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you probably already know that the COVID-19 pandemic has been requiring the world to practice social distancing and stay home whenever possible, except for work, essential errands and exercise. If you’re like most of us, you’re probably going a little stir-crazy—staying inside in the beautiful spring and summer weather is not much fun.

Fortunately, Cool Breeze Boats and Jet Ski Rentals remains open for business! We want to help you get your essential sunshine and fresh air out on the water, which is why we’re still offering boat and jet ski rentals in Venice, FL.

Our commitment to your health

Of course, our highest priority is your health and safety. The last thing we want is for you to enjoy a day out on the water and end up getting sick. That’s why we’re thoroughly disinfecting all of our watercraft, top to bottom, between each use.

COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, is a virus transmitted by airborne droplets released when an infected person coughs or sneezes. When other people inhale those droplets or touch an affected surface, then touch their eyes, nose or mouth, they can become infected as well.

There is a large amount of misinformation going around about how the virus spreads. To be fair, that’s because scientists and epidemiologists are still learning how the virus operates and what its effects and vulnerabilities may be. Since there’s no vaccine, everyone is advised to exercise great caution.

However, you can still exercise and enjoy outdoor activities, including boating and jet skiing. You still need to stay six or more feet away from people not in your household, but as long as you practice proper social distancing, your risk of infection will not increase.

Please note that the virus is not killed by sunshine, humidity or heat to the best of the medical community’s knowledge. Anyone of any age, race and ethnicity can come down with the illness, although their symptoms may vary depending on age, health and underlying conditions. It is likely not transmitted by swimming in the ocean.

Practicing good social distancing and disinfection will keep us all safe as we enjoy the best that the Florida coast has to offer. Please make sure to wear face coverings when near others from different households, and wash your hands frequently.

Boat and jet ski rentals in Venice, FL

Ready to hit the water with your household? Cool Breeze Boats and Jet Ski Rentals offers affordable rentals for various types of boats and jet skis, as well as other water sporting equipment. We also offer sunset tours.

Our team is committed to your health and safety above all, which is why we are thoroughly disinfecting our equipment and require you to take jet ski safety courses before arriving for your reservations. These courses can be completed online and will help you navigate the water safely. Call us today to learn more and book your reservation. We look forward to helping you get a break from the news!

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