How to Find the Business with the Best Kayak Rentals in Venice, FL

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Kayaking is fun and relaxing, and a fantastic way to get some exercise on the water. But as much as you enjoy gliding over the water from time to time, owning a kayak yourself might not be in the cards. The good news is there are places that rent kayaks to people by the hour or the day. Just be sure you choose the right kayak for you, dress for the water, know the safety rules and brush up on your swimming skills. Your kayaking adventure awaits!

Now, where to rent a kayak? Here’s how to find a local business that offers the best kayak rentals in Venice, FL.

Ask for recommendations

One of the easiest steps you can take is asking family and friends for recommendations. It’s best to reach out to the people you know who go kayaking often. Ask them even if they own their own kayak and gear, because they might know reputable kayak rental businesses in the area. Find out things like what they thought of the quality of the rental equipment, how they were treated as customers and whether the rental rates are reasonable. Another great place to ask for recommendations is via social media. Either post it as a question on your pages or click through kayaking groups and ask your questions there.

Search for businesses online

Once you get a list of kayak rental companies, hunt them down on the internet. Browse business websites, making sure to click on all the tabs for information. Be wary of websites that don’t look professional or well-maintained, because this could be a reflection of how they care for their kayaks. Or, skip asking for recommendations from friends and begin your search for kayak rental places online. Type in keywords like “kayak rentals,” “best kayak rentals” and “kayak rentals near me.” Also, keep in mind the area where you want to kayak when doing your internet search, especially if you’re not planning to kayak in a familiar body of water or are coming in from out of the area.

Check out reviews and ratings

Be sure to get online to check out ratings and reviews of potential kayak rental companies. Read posted feedback from customers on online forums, check the reviews page on business websites and even look up ratings with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Too many negative reviews should raise a red flag.

Call with questions

It’s a good idea to call the rental place with questions. Asking questions is a part of good planning: Do you rent out single and double seat kayaks? What’s your pricing like? What days are you open, and what are business hours? Do your rentals include safety gear and all necessary equipment? Will you show me how to properly use the kayak? This information might be posted on their website, so check there before calling.

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