Wildlife You Might See in Venice, FL Include Dolphins and Manatees!

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In addition to soaking up some sun and relieving stress, you’re bound to see a variety of animals when you rent a boat for a day out on the water. We’re not just talking about fish and seagulls, either—time and time again, our customers report seeing dolphins playing and splashing and manatees slowly cruising past their boats. If you’re renting a boat soon, continue reading to learn more about the wildlife you might see in Venice, FL!

Where are they?

Animal lovers often want to know where the dolphins and manatees can be seen before they head out for the day. The answer? They’re all around! Dolphins can be spotted playing and doing flips all throughout the bay and the Intracoastal Waterway. Manatees, on the other hand, prefer to take it slow and are often found hanging out in marinas or wherever there’s an abundance of seagrass or other vegetation for them to snack on.

What should I do when I see one?

Seeing a dolphin pop up out of the water or a manatee mosey under your vessel can be a bit startling. Here’s what you should do as a passenger when you see one:

  • Take photos and video: First things first, take out your phone and start getting some photos, and maybe even a video! Your friends back home and all of your followers on social media will love getting a look at the dolphins or manatees you spotted.
  • Give them space: While you may be tempted to move closer to the animals (or even hop in the water), you should stay put and give them plenty of space. They may look friendly, but these are wild animals, not your pets back home!
  • Store your trash: You should always be mindful about your trash when you’re on the water, but this is especially important if you see any dolphins or manatees when you’re out there. You don’t want any trash falling in the water and risk the animals ingesting it.

What precautions should I take?

Always be vigilant when you’re out in the water and be on the lookout for dolphins, manatees and other sea creatures. Our advice is to always drive slow and stay out of manatee protection zones. Again, if you see any animals, take plenty of photos, but only do that. We’d hate for you to get hurt or for you to accidentally harm one of the animals.

How can I get a better look?

The best way to get a better look and increase your odds of seeing a dolphin or a manatee is to rent a boat from Cool Breeze Boats and Jet Ski Rentals. In addition to providing you with the best vessels on the water, our helpful staff may be able to point you in the right direction so you can possibly see some of these beautiful creatures while you’re out and about.

Whether you’re renting a boat to go fishing, reconnect with friends and family or find out what wildlife you might see in Venice, FL, be sure to rent from Cool Breeze Boats and Jet Ski Rentals. Our wide selection and competitive prices make us one of the premier watercraft rental companies in town!

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