Safety Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Jet Ski Rentals in Venice, FL

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The tourist season is just around the corner here in Florida, which means many people are soon going to be coming back to the ocean to rent boats and jet skis and enjoy the open waters. If you’ve been considering jet ski rentals in Venice, FL as part of your next getaway, it’s important you brief yourself on all the precautions and safety measures you need to take to make sure you are able to fully enjoy your day without fear of an accident that could destroy your entire trip.

Here are just a few great safety tips to keep in mind when renting a jet ski this year.

Wear the proper safety equipment

In many areas, you are required by law to at least wear a life jacket when you’re using a jet ski. This jacket should fit you properly—a jacket that’s too big can allow water to push up through the jacket and towards your face, while a jacket that’s too small can make it difficult for the jacket to keep you afloat. Any life jacket you wear should be marked as approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, and should also be approved specifically for jet skiing (there are different types of life jackets for different activities).

It is also highly advised that you wear a watercraft helmet while out using a jet ski. If you are ever ejected from a jet ski, there is a chance that you could sustain a significant head injury, and a helmet can help prevent that. Helmets are also ideal for protecting you from flying debris that could result from you colliding with something in the water. In most areas you are not required to wear such a helmet, but it is highly recommended.

Make sure the jet ski is properly maintained

When you’re renting your jet ski, you won’t have to worry about this yourself, though it is a good idea to rent from a reputable service that keeps its equipment in good working condition. Accidents can occasionally occur as a result of equipment failure, so make sure you only rent from a jet ski provider that makes ongoing maintenance a priority.

Never drink and jet ski

Just as you should never drink and get behind the wheel of a car, you should also never drink alcohol before or while operating a personal watercraft. Alcohol is one of the primary causes of watercraft accidents and fatalities, because it severely delays reaction times and impairs judgment. Just don’t do it.

Maintain appropriate speeds

Another one of the leading causes of jet ski accidents is speeding. High rates of speed can cause you to trail other boaters or personal watercraft operators too closely, which is an unsafe practice.

These are just a few of the simplest safety rules we have for you if you plan to come down and make jet ski rentals in Venice, FL a part of your trip. Contact Cool Breeze Boats and Jet Ski Rentals for more information.

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