Tips to Help You Enjoy Kayak Rentals in Venice, FL

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Whether you are planning a day trip on the open water or hope to spend a few hours paddling around on the lake with friends to take in the view, you need to know the basic ins and outs of kayaking and how to stay safe. The following are some tips for anyone wanting to enjoy their kayak rentals in Venice, FL to the fullest.

Dress for the water and weather

Getting ready to go out on other kinds of boats is different from hopping in a kayak. When kayaking, the most important thing to do is prepare for the water temperature, rather than the air temperature. This makes sense, since there’s a greater chance you will make contact with the water when kayaking than when boating. We recommend you bring along a few layers of quick-drying clothing items on your kayaking trip. Wear some items now and pack a change of clothes in a waterproof bag to take along with you. Wear water shoes or strap-on sandals, and bring sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen.

Know the basics

Even though kayaks are relatively easy to operate, it would behoove you to learn or relearn the ropes before going out onto the water. Beginners and individuals who need a refresher should sign up for a weekend crash course and lessons in kayaking—you should particularly do this if you are at all nervous about being on the water. Having knowledge will help you feel more comfortable and less scared about controlling your own kayak. You can also rent a multi-person kayak, which is perfect for catering to children or less experienced adults.

During your lesson, you will learn what steps to take in the event of an emergency or other difficult situation. You’ll be shown how to properly use a kayak and asked whether you have basic swimming skills. The instructor will also make sure you know about all of the rescue gear you should carry with you.

Be prepared for anything

You and your group must be prepared for anything, including wildlife and weather changes. This means being ready for the worst-case scenario. Wear a life jacket, bring plenty of food and fresh water, rain protection gear and sunscreen, and carry a cell phone or radio in a waterproof container. Also, know when to call it quits—pack it in if thunder and lightning appear or the water starts getting choppy.

Plan around beginners

If it’s not already an anxious ride for newcomers, it will be when the group decides to not take everyone’s experience level into account. Regardless of whether a beginning kayaker wants to navigate a kayak on their own or double up in a multi-person kayak, planning the trip around the least experienced person just makes sense. Don’t make anyone feel bad. You and others may have significant experience, but inviting a novice may mean taking things slow this time around.

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