Kayaking Safety Tips to Follow

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Any time you head out onto the water, especially in an unusual area as a tourist, you need to prepare yourself with the proper safety precautions. There’s always a chance of injury, no matter how remote, so it’s important you follow common sense and stay as safe as possible.

Whether you’re a beginning kayaker or a seasoned veteran, here are just a few of the safety tips you should always follow when you’re preparing for or enjoying kayak rental in Venice, FL:

  • Weather: Always be prepared for all manner of weather conditions and water temperatures. While the summer months in Florida are going to generally be hot and sticky, rain and wind could pop up at just about any time with little to no warning. Therefore, prepare for these changes in weather, and know how to paddle your boat in all kinds of conditions. A wetsuit or dry suit can help you stay warm and comfortable out on the water. Long sleeve shirts on sunny days can add extra sun protection.
  • Weight: Never exceed the weight capacity of your boat. When renting a kayak, you should check with the rental company about what that capacity is for your particular kayak, and make sure that the combination of your body and your gear falls well below that weight capacity.
  • Boat condition: Make sure to check your kayak for any visible signs of wear and tear before you head out on the water. Some scrapes and scratches are common and not necessarily problematic, but if the boat looks like it has sustained some rather significant damage, you should avoid taking it out onto the water.
  • Be smart: Never mix alcohol or drugs (prescription or recreational) with boating. Just like with driving, the impairment caused by alcohol and drugs can lead to some serious accidents that would otherwise be extremely avoidable if you were in a sober state.
  • Get experience: Before you start kayaking out by yourself, make sure you get instruction from qualified professionals about various paddling techniques, first aid, water safety and other issues that will help you stay safe out on the water. You should also know how to engage in self-rescue tactics, first in calm, warm, shallow water and then in more extreme conditions.
  • Wear a life vest: You should ALWAYS, without exception, wear a personal flotation device when out on the water. It is required by the Coast Guard that you at least have one on board, but it will do you little good unless you’re actually wearing it when you capsize. Not only will it keep you floating in the water, but it will also add some extra insulation to your body to keep you warm. You’ll find plenty of personal flotation devices designed specifically for kayakers that will not restrict your range of motion and paddling movements.

For more information about how you can stay safe out on the water and avoid any potential safety issues, contact Cool Breeze Boats and Jet Ski Rentals about kayak rental in Venice, FL.

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