Tips for First-Time Kayakers

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Kayaking is a great way to get active and enjoy some time out on the water. However, if you are a beginner with little to no kayaking experience, it might be a little intimidating at first. While there is some skill required with kayaking, it is an activity that just about anyone can master with a little bit of practice.

Here are some tips for first-time kayakers from a company offering kayak rentals in Venice, FL:

  • Start small: Get a lesson in kayaking before you go out by yourself. And once you do hit the water, make sure you start with the basics. Kayaking might look pretty straightforward, but it can still be challenging to some extent for beginners to master the strokes and the technique. Know the fundamentals, including how to grip the paddle, the types of motions you should use to speed up or slow down your kayak, how to turn and maneuver your boat, how to comfortably pace yourself and how to maintain a good center of gravity.
  • Use the right boat: You might not realize if you are inexperienced in kayaking that there are actually many different types of kayaks, from longer kayaks meant for racing to short kayaks meant for freestyling and small-area play. Think about what you’re hoping to do out on the water in a kayak and choose the correct boat for your activity. Sit-on-top kayaks are great for beginners because of their stability and how easy they are to paddle, but sit-in, flat-water kayaks are also ideal if you’re out on a lake or river.
  • Dress for the water: You shouldn’t wear any clothes or bring any items with you that you wouldn’t want to get wet. Your clothes should be suitable for the water and for the water temperature rather than the air temperature. There’s always the chance your boat will tip over, and you’ll quickly discover just how much cooler the water tends to be than the air.
  • Wear a life jacket: Any time you’re out on the water, especially as an inexperienced kayaker, it’s important to have a life jacket with you, one that you actually wear at all times. It should fit you well and be comfortable.
  • Plan your route ahead of time: By planning your route in advance, you can create some familiarity with the area in which you will paddle. The best spots for paddling beginners are bays and other areas that are sheltered from the choppiness of the open waters and strong winds. Make sure to check the forecast before you head out—if there is going to be rain or high winds, you might want to hold off for a different day.
  • Know basic safety: You should know how to swim and have some knowledge of how to rescue yourself and others in the event your boat capsizes.

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