Spend Your Holidays on the Water

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Every family has its own holiday traditions. Yours might involve going to Christmas mass at church and then digging into a holiday feast that mom has slaved over for 24 hours. Your uncle Charlie’s tradition may be falling asleep sitting up and snoring raucously over the television. Whatever the tradition, it’s likely one that makes the holidays feel complete.

Traditions have to start somewhere, though. This year, why not start a new annual activity that you and your family can enjoy for years to come? We’re talking, of course, about spending the day out on the water with a boat, jet skis or kayak rentals in Venice, FL!

Not what you had in mind for a new holiday tradition? Don’t worry, it makes more sense than you’d think! Take a look at a few of the great reasons why you and your family need to hit the water this holiday season:

  • First, it’s all about spending quality time together. Why huddle around a television set when you could spend time together out on a boat? There are few distractions and a whole lot of scenic surroundings, setting the perfect scene for quality time talking to your loved ones and bonding. Plus, people can’t just wander off and not come back… such as the case is at many a family gathering.
  • Boating conditions are great during the winter season. Temperatures aren’t at the extremes they can be in the summer months, and hurricane season has come and gone. All that’s left is calmer winds under a manageable sun. It’s a great excuse to get the whole family outside for some quality time doing something fun.
  • Speaking of something fun, boating and water activities are a great way to break the monotony of other traditions that all involve staying indoors. You can only play so many rounds of charades or so many hands of cards as a family—sometimes you just need to deviate from the norm and try something new. Let the cousins jet ski while you and the adults go tubing! Grandpa and Grandma can lounge on the boat while uncle Charlie naps in the sun, instead of in an easy chair.
  • Depending on the grandeur of your holiday traditions, spending the day on the water might actually be cheaper than your usual festivities—while still being just as fun. The sheer enjoyment of being out on a boat is enough to raise anyone’s spirits—so much so that you can tone things down elsewhere. Pack snacks and lunches instead of spending a fortune on a Christmas feast, or break out your bathing suit instead of buying a dress or formal attire. All of these saved costs can take the financial stress off of the holiday season.

If you’re looking for a new tradition this holiday season or want to add the spice of life to your existing family gatherings, consider spending the day out on the water. Whether it’s on a pontoon or spread out across jet ski and kayak rentals in Venice, FL, we guarantee you and your loved ones will enjoy the time spent together.

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