Five Must-Haves for a Kid-Friendly Boating Adventure

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Taking a vacation to a coastal town in Florida usually involves renting a boat for part of the day. Boating off the coast of Florida can be an adventure for adults, surely, but kids are bound to find the experience of being on the water extremely new and exciting, especially if it’s their first time.

Boat rentals in Venice, FL are a great way to give your children a taste of what being on the water feels like if you don’t own a boat yourself. However, boat trips can quickly turn sour if you aren’t prepared. It takes a little bit more planning to make sure a boating trip is kid-friendly. If you’re planning a family boat trip with your children, make sure to have these five things to ensure everyone has a great time!

  • Life jackets: Life jackets are the number one must-have for all people on board a boat, but they are especially important for children. Accidents happen, and life jackets are there to keep everyone safe while out on the water. Make sure your child’s life jacket fits snugly and is appropriate for their weight. Proper fit is crucial to a life jacket’s effectiveness.
  • Sunscreen: This might seem like an obvious thing, but many families forget to pack sunscreen during all of the vacation excitement, or put it on at the start of the day and leave it behind for the rest. Sunscreen should be regularly applied throughout the day to protect your child’s skin from burns that can quickly turn a vacation into a painful nightmare.
  • Swimming lessons: If your vacation is planned out well in advance, swimming lessons are a great way to prepare for a boat trip. Giving your children the ability to learn how to swim will let them have even more fun swimming near the boat while you’re out on the water, and can also help them feel safer if they’re at all nervous about being on a boat.
  • Slip-proof shoes: The thing about boats is that they get wet, so giving your child slip-proof shoes is a great way to prevent potential accidents and injuries. Kids like to mess around, and having something to prevent them from slipping and falling will make the trip safer overall.
  • Safety rules: Boat rentals in Venice, FL will already provide a list of dos and don’ts to follow while on the boat, but children will probably need to be told a few additional rules for their safety. No running or jumping is a good rule to explain, as well as the importance of sitting and keeping hands or feet inside the boat and not leaning over the side. You want to make sure they have fun but stay safe, too!

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