Do You Need a Boating License in Florida to Rent a Boat?

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Boating is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by folks of all ages. As you may know, Florida has a ton of rules and regulations that surround boating. In fact, there are so many rules that it can be hard to keep up with them all! One of the most common questions we get from customers trying to rent a boat is whether or not they need a license to do so. The short answer to that is “no.” However, you do need to be familiar with proper boating safety.

Anyone born after January 1, 1988, who wants to operate a boat in Florida needs to have a Boating Safety Education Identification Card. These cards are issued by the Florida Wildlife Commission after a person has successfully completed a boating safety course. The course teaches potential boaters everything they need to know about operating a boat out on the open water. Continue reading to learn about boating safety before reserving a rental or inquiring about boat rental rates in Venice, FL.

Why do I need to be certified?

It goes without saying that boating can be a very dangerous hobby if you don’t know what you’re doing. Accidents can happen anywhere at any time. These boating safety courses teach you how to avoid accidents and also inform you of what you need to know after an accident occurs to ensure everyone gets away safely.

Driving a boat isn’t as easy as driving a car. Boating safety courses teach you the basics of operating a vessel. That doesn’t just help decrease the chance of an accident—it helps ensure everyone has fun on the water!

What if I’m only in Florida for vacation?

No trip to Florida is complete without going for a cruise out on the water. But as you read above, you have to know what you’re doing out on the water. Nonresidents still have to show proof that they’re qualified to operate a watercraft, but you don’t necessarily have to have completed Florida’s boating safety course. As long as you possess proof that you completed a boater safety course (or equivalent training) in a different state, you’re allowed to rent a boat in Florida.

If you’re visiting Florida from out of state and don’t have proof that you’ve completed a boating safety course, you may still be able to rent a boat! If you’re at least 26 years old, you can get a temporary certificate that allows you to rent a boat during your trip. These certificates are available for up to one year and are not meant to act as a replacement for a Boating Safety Education Identification Card.

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