Jet Ski or Pontoon Boat Rentals in Venice, FL? How to Pick the Right Watercraft for Your Group

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Both pontoon boats and personal watercrafts, universally referred to as jet skis, are great options when you are looking to get out on the water for a good time. Since both jet skis and pontoon boat rentals in Venice, FL are great options for a day of fun and entertainment, how does one narrow down the final choice between the two? Here are some tips to help you make a decision.

The case for pontoon boats

The biggest advantage that boats have over jet skis is the amount of space that is available on-board for your activities. Even a small boat can comfortably hold five to six people, with some degree of storage space. This means that if you are interested in spending a long, lazy day out on the water with your entire family, a boat will give you the space and freedom to do so. Boats are also versatile, and open up the options for other activities available to you when you are out on the water. For example, if someone in your group is celebrating a birthday or some other sort of special occasion, you will have the space right there on the boat to enjoy your festivities on the water.

Exploring the pros of jet skis

Ease of use and mobility are the major advantages that jet skis have over pontoons. With jet skis being a cross between a sport bike and a snowmobile, the average person is generally able to pick up steering pretty easily. While steering a jet ski, you and your body movements will have complete control over the entire craft, which obviously can’t be done with boats. Although jet skis don’t offer the same type of spatial layout and storage space that a pontoon boat might have, some models can accommodate 4 people, so this activity can easily be enjoyed with friends.

When you are riding a jet ski, you are able to completely immerse yourself in your surroundings, creating a unique experience that you would not be able to achieve on a boat. In addition to this open-air feeling, while riding the jet ski, your body will be getting a workout as well. Balancing yourself on jet skis can actually help to tone your abs and core, strengthen your muscles and improve your cardiovascular system. There is nothing like burning calories while enjoying an exciting water activity!

Both of these options offer countless additional advantages, and you honestly can’t go wrong with either choice. Your final decision between a jet ski or pontoon boat rentals in Venice, FL will ultimately come down to what your group’s preference is, and what types of activities will appeal the most to everyone. Here at Cool Breeze Boat and Jet Ski Rentals, we have a vast selection for both options, and you and your group will surely be able to find something that you will enjoy for the duration of your rental. Give us a call to learn more about your rental options right away.

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