Five Reasons to Spend Memorial Day Weekend on the Water

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Although summer doesn’t officially begin until June 20, many people across the country would agree that Memorial Day is the unofficial first day of the new season. After all, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, most schools are out for the summer and adults get a long weekend!

Whether you’re kayaking, riding a jet ski or just relaxing, one of the best ways to celebrate the long Memorial Day weekend is out on the water. Fortunately for our customers, we offer a variety of boat rentals for the Memorial Day weekend at some of the best boat rental rates in Venice, FL. Here are some reasons to take advantage of this opportunity:

  • Boating is relaxing: Memorial Day weekend is one of the best chances Americans have to kick off their shoes and relax for a few days without having to worry about work. Taking a few hours to relax on one of our boats can melt that stress away faster than any other activity. Stress can be a killer, so make sure you get work off your mind for a few days by renting one of our boats.
  • Boating can be good exercise: If you’d rather spend your weekend getting a workout in rather than relaxing, we can accommodate you. Spend a couple of hours on the water kayaking—it’s a great workout, and you’ll be able to get some sun in the process.
  • Boating is easy to learn: We’ve found that some of our customers are hesitant to rent a boat because they think boating is too hard to learn. That’s simply not true! After a quick tutorial, you’ll find that boating is almost as easy as driving a car. Our friendly staff members have years of experience out on the water. Arrive early to your boat and let us teach you everything you need to know about boating and boat safety.
  • Boating is fun for the whole family: Work, school and extracurricular activities can make spending time together as a family difficult these days. That’s not good! Family bonding is more important than ever. A long weekend, like Memorial Day weekend, is the perfect time to put everything aside and spend some quality family time together. We have a number of boats that are perfect for large families. In fact, our 25-foot pontoon boat can comfortably and safely accommodate 14 people.
  • Boating is affordable fun: While family fun is important, saving money is essential for almost every family. Unfortunately, finding family-friendly activities that don’t break the bank can be tricky. Everything seems to cost a ton of money these days—but not boating! Boat rental rates in Venice, FL are lower than they’ve been in a while. Although rates are low across the country, we offer some of the lowest rates for boat rental in the area.

Don’t wait one more second to reserve a boat for Memorial Day weekend. While Cool Breeze Boats & Jet Ski Rentals has a large fleet of boats, kayaks and jet skis, everything is going fast. Call us today to learn more about our boat rental rates in Venice, FL and to reserve your boat!

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