Why Pontoon Boat Rentals in Venice, FL May Be a Good Choice

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If you are planning a water vacation this spring or summer and do not own a boat, a rented pontoon may be the best choice for you. Cool Breeze Boats and Jet Ski Rentals includes pontoon boat rentals in Venice, FL among its many options. People who need space for many guests often panic, only to find the pontoon is perfect. Here are five reasons why a pontoon boat may be your best option:

  • Plenty of space: If you are planning a get-together with 14 people, conventional boats simply do not offer the space. Even if authorized for 10 passengers, boats can become crowded places where it becomes difficult to move to shade or make it to the cooler for a drink. Pontoons are made with open floor plans to allow space for people and equipment. Whether you are planning a party on the water or a water skiing adventure, there is plenty of room for all your guests!
  • Great for kids: For children, boat rides often involve being told what not to do and where to avoid. Pontoons offer room for kids to move and tables for activities. It is also easy to drag them in an innertube or even teach them how to water ski. Since the pontoon accommodates many activities, from fishing to being a portable swim deck, there is no getting bored while riding one. Children can enjoy the scenery and the water in the same day without any hitch in your plans!
  • Flexible: When you invite guests onto the water, chances are they all have different interests. Some will want to fish, and others will want to play in the water, whether that is on water skis or an innertube. The pontoon is literally a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to water sports. It can accommodate both fishing and water skiing. In fact, it can excel at both because it has a quiet motor that does not scare fish, but still maintains a good speed for those who want to ride behind it. Also, if a sudden rainstorm hits and people prefer to stay dry, it can be enclosed, too.
  • Comfort: With room for everyone, the pontoon boat is comfortable. Equipped with soft couches and shaded areas, no one will have a bad day on the water. Drink holders and tables come standard as well, so guests never struggle for an eating space or a secure place to put a soda. Everyone from the most active to the more sedentary will enjoy their day on a pontoon.
  • Safety: Pontoons are not for rough water, and we will not allow rental if the water is not right for them. On days that are optimal for them, they are one of the safest boats you can rent. High side rails keep children on the boat, and their huge and heavy design makes them less likely to flip. They do not corner well, but they move slowly, which makes it less likely to wreck them.

Cool Breeze Boats and Jet Ski Rentals offers pontoon boat rentals in Venice, FL. Our pontoon model carries up to 14 people and offers all the comforts of home. Call to make a reservation for your next on-the-water party!

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