Is This Your First Kayak Rental in Venice, FL? If So, Follow These Five Tips

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If you always wanted to kayak, trying it out with a kayak rental in Venice, FL is the best way to ascertain whether you want to continue this hobby. Consider it an opportunity to see if your skills and physical fitness level accommodate this popular sport. However, before you venture out for the first time, you need to be sure you are ready. Here are five tips on preparing for your first kayaking adventure!

  • Make sure you can swim: If you have not gone swimming or had a lesson since age six, you’d better make sure you still have those skills. Visit the local pool or the lap pool at your gym to assure your swimming skills can keep you above water. You will be wearing a life vest when you go kayaking, but sometimes they slip off or you need to use your strokes to catch up to your floating kayak. Try these skills out in a safe environment rather than hope they work when your kayak flips.
  • Dress for water temperature: Many people dress for that 90-degree day only to experience a bad surprise when they fall into the cooler water. Dress for water temperature, not air temperature. Even in temperate Florida, there is a big difference between the two, and the water may be cooler than you expected. People who feel more vulnerable to cooler weather often wear light wetsuits because they find them more comfortable.
  • Know what to rent: You will likely rent a kayak for two or three paddlers if this is your first time. This allows someone with more skills to offer guidance and keep you safe on the water. If you decide to rent a single paddler, you will need to understand how to stay in control and what to do if the kayak flips. A sit-on-top design is easier for beginners because they are easy to enter and exit. Know ahead of time what you are renting so you can be prepared.
  • Start in calmer water: If your familiarity with kayaking is limited to reading books, start with real-world practice. Stay in calmer water until you master paddling, turning and flipping the kayak upright when necessary. Never take on more than your skills allow, since that can place you in an unsafe position—especially if you are renting a single-paddler kayak.
  • Use a life vest: We understand life vests are not fashionable, and people who swim regularly often consider them a hindrance. However, the water out there is much rougher than in a swimming pool. That is how the life vest saves your life. There are models available that only inflate when you pull a cord, so wearing them is no different than wearing a scarf. So, it is possible to look good and stay alive at the same time!

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