Six Safety Rules to Remember When Renting a Jet Ski

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One of the must-do activities when you’re visiting virtually any part of the Florida coast is to rent a jet ski and hit the water in style. There’s nothing quite like zipping around on a jet ski rental in Venice, FL with the wind in your hair, the sun beating down and the cool splash of ocean water all around you!

But while jet skis might be a whole lot of fun, it’s also important to remember that they can be dangerous as well if you’re not behaving appropriately or staying cognizant of the rental rules. To make sure you’re having the best time possible and avoiding any dangerous situations that might cut your fun short, make sure to always observe these six important safety rules:

  1. Life jackets are mandatory at all times! Even for an experienced swimmer or someone with prior jet ski experience, there’s absolutely no reason you should ever be on a jet ski without a life jacket securely in place on your person. If your jet ski tips over, flips or is impacted by waves or even another craft and you’re injured, a life jacket can and will save your life in open water.
  2. Stay alert at all times. Florida’s coastline is always brimming with activity, which means you’re going to be sharing the water with other jet skis, boats, swimmers, surfers and more. Being aware of what’s going on around you means avoiding collisions, injuries and hazardous situations that could endanger you or others out on the tide. Think of it like driving a car—you always need to know what’s going on around you!
  3. Use all jet ski safety features. Every jet ski rental in Venice, FL is going to come equipped with safety features, such as wrist straps and kill switches. Knowing what these safety features are and how they can and should be used in the event of an emergency could save your life. Listen closely when your renter explains each feature and always ask questions if you’re unclear of how to operate a specific feature.
  4. Stay sober on the water. It might sound like fun to skirt around the water on a jet ski while knocking back a drink, but the fact is, this is an absolutely prohibited activity. If the Coast Guard catches you drinking it can be equivalent to an OWI charge, which can carry an imprisonment sentence in Florida if punished to the fullest extent. Even if you’re not caught, operating a jet ski while impaired is irresponsible and dangerous. Think twice before you drink and jet ski!
  5. Operate in a controlled manner. You might want to rip the throttle and go as fast as possible on your jet ski—but think twice and consider a smarter approach instead. Operate within your ability to control the jet ski and don’t let hubris get the best of you. It’s okay to go fast, so long as you’re in total control and aren’t putting yourself in dangerous situations.
  6. Rent from a trusted source. It’s hard to walk down a beach in Florida and not find available jet ski rental in Venice, FL. Pick your rental provider carefully, though—you want to make sure you’re getting equipment that’s well maintained and in safe working order. Your jet ski experience will only be as good as your equipment, so choose wisely!

Remember these important safety precautions the next time you decide to rent a jet ski from Cool Breeze Boats and Jet Ski Rentals, and you’re certain to have a better time out on the water!

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