Kayaking in Venice, FL: A First Date to Remember!

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What does a great first date look like? Most people automatically think of dinner and a movie or miniature golf and lunch at a café. There’s nothing wrong with these kinds of dates, except for the small notion that they’ve been done before—everyone has probably been on a date like this once or twice in their lives!

The best first dates are those that stand out in your mind, and the ones where you had such a great time that there’s simply no forgetting them. For dates like these, dinner and movie might not be the answer—but a kayak rental in Venice, FL might be! Think about it: when’s the last time you went kayaking on a date?

A departure from the norm

Right off the bat, renting a kayak and paddling your way down the beautiful Florida coastline is a strong departure from any movie theater, restaurant, amusement park or other generic date scene. You’re going to get scenic ocean views, beautiful landline sights and a whole lot of fresh air that’s calming and comfortable.

In addition to the great atmosphere, a kayak rental in Venice, FL also gives you something to focus on during your date. Kayaking gives you a great conversation starter about hobbies and preferences, and it’s a great fallback for conversation if you’re overthinking things—don’t panic, focus on paddling and say what comes naturally!

Finally, heading out for a brisk kayaking adventure shows your ability to entertain and think outside the box. Your date will feel special, be more engaged and enjoy themselves more than they might otherwise in a generic date location.

Get to know someone

It’s not always easy to connect with someone on a first date. For some, the pressure of the situation can leave them tongue-tied. For others, too many distractions around them can interrupt conversation or stifle the moment. Whatever the case may be, a first date spent kayaking could be the answer to a more intimate first date experience.

In a kayak, it’s just you and your date. You can talk uninterrupted, have more personal discussions and focus on each other, instead of succumbing to the chaos around you. It’s as intimate as sitting down for a nice dinner or to watch a movie, yet not so heavy that you feel pressured or anxious!

Get off on the right paddle

You want your first impression to be a good one, and a first date has a lot to do with how someone views you. To make sure you’re putting together a first date worth remembering, consider a kayak rental in Venice, FL! It’s the perfect price, the perfect duration and the perfect setting for a first date, and it affords you every opportunity to get to know someone and connect with them.

At Cool Breeze Boats and Jet Ski Rentals, we invite you to book your next first date with us. Hopefully, it’s the last first date you ever have and the start of a first date you’ll remember forever!

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