What Can You Expect When Arranging for a Boat Rental in Venice, FL?

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If you’ll be making plans for a boat rental in Venice, FL for a party, family get-together or other special occasion, you want to make sure that you know ahead of time what you can expect when making these arrangements with a rental company.

Here are some considerations to think about and steps to take as you’re looking into setting up your rental:

  • Decide what boat you want to rent: What is the purpose of your excursion? Are you looking for a relaxing tour? If so, a deck boat is a good choice. If you want to sit back and enjoy socializing with a large number of guests, a pontoon boat is a good way to go. Planning to fish? You’ll want a boat that is well designed for this purpose.
  • Be sure to understand the rental agreement: Not all rental agreements are the same, so be sure to take a close look at any documents you’re given to review. For example, there may be limitations on how far you can travel or the times of day during which you can rent the boat. You’ll also want to ensure you’re familiar with the rental company’s policy on how any damage that you and your party may cause to the boat beyond basic wear and tear will be addressed and handled.
  • Know what you’ll be responsible for: Look for a description of the rental company’s liability coverage when you read through the agreement. If the agreement indicates that you’ll be responsible for anything that might happen to the boat, including to the motor, you’ll want to make sure you’re clear on this up front.
  • Inspect the boat beforehand: Before the rental company you’re working with hands you the keys, take the time to look at the boat to observe any possible windshield cracks, damage, scratches, dents and other problems. Also, look for any loose or missing parts and note these observations on the rental agreement before signing it.
  • Know where safety equipment is located: Rental companies typically will have safety equipment, such as life jackets, for renters to use. Brush up on how to wear and use this equipment before setting out on the boat.
  • Find out whether you will be required to add gas to the boat: Your rental company will likely meet you at the dock at the end of your rental period so that they can fuel up the boat, but it’s a good idea to ask about this ahead of time so you’re aware of how this final step will be handled.

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