What to Bring on the Water During Pontoon Boat Rentals in Venice, FL

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There’s nothing like a great day out on the water with a bunch of your closest friends and family members! Many people enjoy coming to us for pontoon boat rentals in Venice, FL for special occasions, or simply because they want to have a great time out in the sun while floating in the gulf.

Whatever your reason for coming to us, there are a number of items you’re going to want to bring with you for the day. Some of these are for your personal safety, while others are simply to help you have a fun time!

  • Working cell phone or radio: While you likely aren’t going to be going out too far in a pontoon boat, you still want to have a way to get in contact with the shore in case something goes wrong. Bring a working cell phone or radio with you, and make sure you know how to get in touch with the Coast Guard or local police in case of an emergency.
  • Airtight cooler: If you are planning on bringing beverages and refreshments out with you, bring an airtight cooler packed with ice. It might be a good idea to have a cooler that stays firmly closed with a latch or lock as well, just in case things get wavy and the cooler begins to slide around the boat.
  • First aid kit: A well-stocked kit can help you address any number of first aid issues that could happen while you’re out at sea, from sea sickness to small cuts and scrapes.
  • Waterproof camera: There are a number of types of waterproof cameras you can choose from, ranging from disposable up to professional. You’re going to want to capture the memories you make out on the water, but don’t risk your expensive personal camera!
  • Fishing license and equipment: If you are planning on doing any fishing and are bringing out your poles, tackle and nets with you, make sure you have an up-to-date fishing license in the boat for everyone who is going to be casting a line. It is illegal to fish without a license. You might also consider bringing along an extra cooler with water inside to keep any fish you do catch.
  • Sunscreen: When you’re out on a pontoon boat in the middle of the gulf, there’s nothing to shade you from the sun. Therefore, make sure you’re wearing sunscreen. Otherwise you are going to want to cover yourself up, which might not necessarily be comfortable on hot days.
  • Other safety equipment: There should be a life jacket or personal flotation device for everyone aboard the boat, according to state laws. You should also keep items such as life savers, flashlights and rescue poles aboard the boat just in case of emergencies
  • Clothes: You never know when the weather is going to change. Make sure to look at the forecast and plan ahead in terms of the types of clothes you bring.

For more tips about what to bring with you, contact Cool Breeze Boats & Jet Ski Rentals and we’ll provide you with more information to prepare you for our pontoon boat rentals in Venice, FL.

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