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Have you been planning to look into jet ski rental in Venice, FL, but are new to jet skiing? If so, you’ll want to go through some safety tips to make sure you feel comfortable before taking a jet ski out for a spin. Jet skiing is a lot of fun, but it’s smart to prepare yourself ahead of time rather than assuming you’ll pick it up on the spot:

  • Complete training in advance: You might find it helpful to complete training online before renting a jet ski for the first time. Taking the time to get a brief overview of what you should know before getting on a jet ski will make you more knowledgeable and confident and help keep you safe.
  • Make preparations beforehand: Be sure to wear a life jacket and check that your jet ski is filled with gas before you go out on the water. Also, if bad weather is in the forecast or the waves are excessively huge, play it safe and opt to try out jet skiing another day instead.
  • Learn the safety precautions for your jet ski: Safety precautions can vary depending on the jet ski model, so you’ll want to be sure you fully understand all operating instructions you receive. Make sure you’re especially familiar with the kill cord, which is the string that powers a kill switch if you go overboard while operating your jet ski.
  • Master proper sitting technique: When you climb on to a jet ski, place your feet in the designated spots and sit with your back in a somewhat bent position. This position lets you absorb the power of any waves while out on the water and will make it easier for you to turn and navigate if you are new to jet skiing. Also, always remain seated when operating a jet ski or riding as a passenger when you are still new to the activity.
  • Take it easy: If you are new to jet skiing, stay close in once you’re out on the water. You’ll also want to keep your jet ski session short, while taking care not to allow the jet ski to reach high speeds.
  • Stay aware at all times: Don’t get so caught up in having fun that you’re not paying attention to keeping yourself safe. In addition, it’s essential to keep an eye out for other jet skis, boats or people nearby in the water. It’s best to avoid alcohol before operating a jet ski (or being a passenger on one). Don’t risk your safety or that of your passengers by allowing yourself to become distracted and unfocused.

After this overview of safety pointers, are you feeling ready to arrange for your jet ski rental in Venice, FL? Cool Breeze Boats and Jet Ski Rentals provides a brief orientation to all customers renting jet skis.

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